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Planning on a visit to China? Don’t forget to check out the beauty that is Chongqing in central-western China. This major city has a number of tourist attractions that you won’t want to miss. We’ll find hotel deals in Chongqing while you stay busy planning the fun parts. Now that you’ve found us, worrying about Chongqing hotel deals in the last thing you need to do. So sit back, relax and read about all there is to do in the colorful city of Chongqing.

As the provisional Capital of China for almost ten years, Chongqing is home to a number of historical World War II buildings. The People’s Liberation Monument, located at the center of Chongqing, attracts many visitors and is surrounded by shopping centers. The monument serves as an important symbol for Chongqing. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Learn about the important roles that Chongqing has played in Chinese history by visiting sites like the Luohan Si Temple and Chongqing Museums.

The Great Hall of the People is an amazing site of Chongqing and is based on the one in Beijing.

Check out the cemetery for World War II air forces in memory of those heroes who sacrificed their lives to help China during the Japanese invasion.

Red Rock Village Museum is a diplomatic site for the Communist Party in Chongqing. There are several stories to be heard when you visit this historic hot spot.

Listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, the Dazu Rock Carvings are a series of Chinese religious sculptures and carvings that date back to 7th century A.D.

No visit to Chongqing would be complete with a stop at Ciqikou, an ancient town located at the lower reaches of Jialing River.

Hot Pot, Chongqing’s local culinary specialty, can be found in almost any restaurant in Chongqing. What better way to take in the culture than to eat the food the locals eat?

The zoo in Chongqing exhibits many national and regional animals, including the Giant Panda and the extremely rare South China Tiger.

From historical and cultural sites to beautiful rivers, parks and zoos, Chongqing is a city with something for everyone. You can get ready to pack your bags because now you know where to find the best hotel deals in Chongqing. Right here. With one click of the mouse, we’ll compare all the best Chongqing hotel deals so you can focus on planning the entertaining parts of your trip. You don’t have to thank us. It’s just what we do.