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Family Friendly Hotel Chains

In the world of travel, family travel is big business, especially when it comes to staying at a hotel. Most hotel chains will go the extra mile to get your family to stay with them by providing the kids with plush animals, milk and cookies, and other take-home treats like backpacks or local activity booklets. Also, if you choose the right chain, you will be provided with, upon request, complimentary potty chairs, baby bathtubs, car seats, and strollers. When planning a family getaway, the hotel is the one major thing that you want to get right. This decision can either provide a time of fun and exciting activities for the whole family, or it can severely damage the fun and memories that you make. Four specific hotel chains have earned the status of “family-friendly” by providing services and amenities to help smooth the way in reaching the perfect family getaway.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This hotel may be a surprise to many at providing a family-friendly stay, but they actually provide quite the stay for youngsters. While it was thought that only adults received the legendary Four Seasons service, children are also now the focus of providing great service. The resort has a wide array of activities to keep kids ages 5 through 12 busy and engaged. For example, children can stay busy with crafts, nature walks, and complimentary board games. Also, most of the Four Seasons chains give kids under ten a plush animal and a newsletter listing local family-friendly activities to do around town. As you walk into your room, you will also find milk, cookies, and pint-sized terry robes specifically set out for the kids.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts across the United States go out of their way to make sure you and your children have a great stay.  In Atlanta, the staff spells out your child’s name in sponge letters on the bathtub wall. The Washington D.C. hotel provides busy fingers and minds with a Sony Playstation, Super Nintendo, videos, and coloring books. In Boston, kids get their choice of a baseball hat, key chain, or hat to go along with their welcome treat of popcorn and soda pop. Finally, in Chicago, the Ice Cream Man comes around every night to provide kids with ice cream and toppings to make their own specialized sundae.

It’s not only the older kids that get the specialized attention at the Four Seasons, even the littlest guests get the full service. All properties will provide you with a crib upon request, and usually set this up with a stack of diapers, lotions, a teddy bear, and bottle warmer. If you need any other baby essentials, it is not a problem. The concierge will gladly provide you with what you need.

Embassy Suites Hotels

Many times when you first arrive at a destination, travelers are tired and just want to find something quick to eat and to entertain their kids. At Embassy Suites, when you sign your children up for the Kids-Eye View program, they will be provided with a passport listing all of the cool places that kids need to visit. This includes the tastiest places to grab a hamburger, pizza, or ice cream, what attractions are a must-see, and how to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the town. The advice given in these passports is mostly given by local kids. The passport booklets also include blank pages for doodling in the car or taking notes at area attractions, and a page to write down the dates you visited each place. The Kids-Eye View program is available in 26 cities across the United States.

Not only will kids be treated well, but families all around viagra for ed will be provided with every convenience to make their stay enjoyable. These may include, a living room area with a pull-out couch, a second television, and a mini-fridge and microwave. When traveling with the entire family it is important to cut cost as much as possible, and one way to do this is by not eating out too much. By providing the mini-fridge and microwave, you can visit the local grocery store to stock up on essentials for busy days. Also the hotels’ feature swimming pools and hot complimentary breakfasts’ to cut the headaches down a little bit.

Loews Hotels

As part of the Loews Loves Little Kids program, along with Fisher-Price, all of the chains locations keep baby items on hand, like swings and playpens. Plus each child under ten is welcomed with a Fisher-Price gift. Also, to keep your little ones entertained while in the room, the Kids Kloset is stocked with Fisher-Price toys and games aimed at ages 6 months to 6 years. You may also find car seats, strollers, night lights, baby bathtubs, and books.

Unlike many other hotel chains, Loews provides the Loews Loves Pets program. This program extends to more than one pet and doesn’t forbid pets over a certain weight limit. Like the children, the pets get spoiled upon arrival as well. They are provided with a bag of treats, a toy, special bedding, dog-walking areas, and even special room service meals, like lamb with rice for your dog, and grilled salmon with rice for your cat. Litter boxes and pooper scoopers are also available upon request for those of you who conveniently forgot to pack those. The program also provides a “Puppy Pager” service so that the hotel can call your cell phone in case of an emergency while you are out and the pet is left in the hotel.

With all of this attention to each member of your family, there’s really no second-guessing where you’ll stay on your next family trip.

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt first launched its childrens program back in 1989 and has since been a leader in family-friendly travel. Most Hyatt hotel chains offer retaurants and room service that serve kids meals, and parent’s can purchase an adjoining room at a 50 percent discount when available.

Camp Hyatt is a well-regarded full or half day camp for the children to participate in activities that keep them entertained and increase their curiosity. This camp is available at 32 locations around the world. The day camp, as well as occasional evening activities is available to kids ages 3 to 12.

Pretty much essential to an enjoyable stay as a family at a hotel is an incredible swimming pool. Hyatt offers 14 kid-perfect pools from Honolulu to Texas. These locations have grown to appreciate the importance of a kid-friendly pool by offereing slides, flumes, wave pools, and lazy rivers to truly watch the time fly by. When local attrations are closed for various reasons, the swimming pool might serve as a life-saver for many parents to provide the much needed entertainment for the kids while away from home.

Many hotels truly recognize the importance of family travel and want to take advantage of the chance to serve you as their guests. It is apparent by reading what many hotels have to offer that they are fully prepared for the many needs that a family may have. By choosing the right hotel for your family, you will add so much more to your vacation. The hotel will serve as a place to truly unwind after a long day touring the city, or a day in itself of fun, playing games and swimming at the water park.