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Family-Oriented Activities in San Diego

As you plan your family trip to San Diego, make sure to look below to find the most popular attractions in the area. All of these sites are geared toward families and will provide something interesting and exciting for each member of the family. One of the main reasons that families and tourists come to San Diego is because of its great year-round weather. Hovering in the 70’s and 80’s, you’ll find the perfect weather to either roam the streets or make your way to the beach. When visiting San Diego you won’t have to worry about being bombarded with harsh winters or extreme heat, it’s pleasant all the time, although, sometimes a little overcast.

This is also a great location to plan your trip and what activities you will do because the weather is pretty stable and predictable. You probably won’t be surprised by a torrential rain or freezing temperatures. In southwest San Diego, the weather is not very extreme, so those hurricanes that especially come ashore in the South and seasonal tornadoes that we see in the Mid West are not present. In its ideal location, San Diego is also far enough north so as to avoid the high humidity and heavy seasonal rains that characterize the tropical regions.

A visit to San Diego is one that you will not regret. There are many beaches to visit where surfers and those who want to soak up the sun come to enjoy a relaxing time. As a part of the lifestyle in San Diego, beaches play a major role. Often times you will see locals spending their time roaming the surrounding areas and taking their turn catching a wave. Families will be able to enjoy a relaxing day as they build sand castles, take a nap on a beach towel, or dive into the adventurous waters of the ocean. The  beach is definitely the number one tourist attraction.

Besides the beach, there are also many other tourist attractions to visit that will complete your vacation. Below is a list of other attractions.


The outdoor activities is where most of the adventure is to be found here. Whether you find yourself sailing, kayaking, on a harbor cruise, or taking in a little seasonal whale watching. Historically, San Diego was also a major port and naval base with a rich history of war time. Around the beaches, you will find historical sites that capture the unique war history that San Diego was so prominently a part of. You’ll find museums and actually be able to take a tour of some of these historical ships.


A trip to San Diego will not be complete without a trip to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Sea World is a theme park that plays off the ocean and the life that inhabits it. Here you’ll see many shows and entertainment options, including a killer whale show. You’ll also see many other displays and performances from other fascinating creatures of the sea, including whales, dolphins, and seals.

Continue your exploration of the animal world at the San Diego Zoo. This is an internationally famous zoo known for its very large collection of animals all living in habitats that mimic their natural environments. Here, you’ll also find a special collection of rare pandas, making the zoo especially popular among visitors.

Adjacent to the zoo is the San Diego Wild Animal Park which is a natural setting resembling an African Safari where many different wild animals can be viewed in their habitats. The San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park are two attractions that top the attractions list in San Diego.

It seems like every major metropolitan area has a park that is known for its diverse population and diverse attractions. In New York, you have Central Park, and in San Diego you have Balboa Park. Balboa Park is referred to as the “jewel” of San Diego because it features beautiful gardens and museums, many restaurants and other attractions, and is a great place to meet up with others and people watch. It’s amazing what you can learn about others just by watching how they interect with their surroundings.

For more family fun, make sure to head on over to Belmont park and Legoland. These are both parks that are sure to get the whole family excited and provide for some much needed adventure.

As you are choosing where to dine while you are in San Diego, make sure you check out both the Gaslamp District and Old Town San Diego. Both places offer cuisine that match the best the world has to offer. The Gaslamp District is the main downtown entertainment and shopping center, mixed with marvelous restaurants. After a long day of shopping and listening to concerts on the town, how relaxing would it be to nestle down into a quaint little restaurant?

In Old Town San Diego, you’ll experience an authentic early southern California time period, but with a bit of a Mexican twist. As you walk along the historic streets, you’ll see historic buildings that have been preserved to help showcase the San Diego of the past. Tourist shops, pioneer shops, and other trinket shops line the streets, as well as delicious unique restaurants. This is truly a place where you’ll feel that you’ve been transported back 100 years.

Lastly, if you are visiting San Diego to take in a little bit of the sports that they offer, you’ll want to take time to see the San Diego Chargers football team and the San Diego Padres baseball team. Make sure to plan in advance if you want to attend one of these professional games, as tickets are a bit pricey and sell out quite frequently. Because San Diego offers such a great outdoor environment, there are many sports to watch or participate in all around the region.

When you are planning your trip and what you are going to do while in San Diego, make sure to look back over this list of things to do. You’re sure to provide a great time for you and your family as you take advantage of all that San Diego has to offer. While you are planning your entertainment, make sure to buy a “Go San Diego Card”, which is a card that will save you money at several attractions, including tours, museums, activities, and sights. You’ll be able to see all of these for one low price when you purchase a card.