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Granada, Spain

Experience the Grandeur of Granada, Spain
If you only have time or budget to travel to one destination in Spain, let it be Granada. Located in the south of Spain in the Andalusia region, this gorgeous city offers a blend of traditional cultures, marvelous attractions and a buzzing nightlife.

No trip to Granada would be complete without visiting the city’s most popular attraction, Alhambra. Built in 889 as a fortress and later converted to a grand palace in 1333 to serve as the royal residence of the ruling emirs of the Nasrid dynasty, Alhambra is one of Spain’s most important examples of Arab-Islamic architecture. This complex is so vast that you can spend a good part of the day walking around and admiring all the different buildings and gorgeous art works in addition to beautiful gardens.


Cathedral of Granada

Cathedral of Granada
One of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in Spain, the 16th century Cathedral of Granada is a must-see. You don’t want to miss the magnificent domed ceiling, exquisite art works and furnishings decorated in Renaissance style.

Sacromonte and Albaicin Neighborhoods
Sacromonte and Albaicin are two distinctive districts in Granada that you absolutely must see. To miss a visit to these neighborhoods is to miss the essence of Granada culture.

Nearby shops, restaurants and hotel accommodation, Sacromonte is noted for its series of cave dwellings where the gypsies of the Gatino culture have traditionally called home. This is where you can enjoy lively flamenco and zambra dancing. Containing many early Christian relics, the Sacromonte Abbey here is also well worth a visit.

Albaicin is the old Arabic Quarter, and it is here among the Moorish architecture, colorful bougainvillea and cobblestone streets that you will find the popular Old Spice Market. Hundreds of years old, this wonderful market is the best place in Granada to find a bargain among its many vendors selling the likes of rugs, wall hangings, scarves, teas and spices of every kind.

Arts and Culture
At the Fine Arts Museum of Granada, you can view many excellent artifacts and beautiful art works from the 16th century that derived from Granada’s historic churches and monasteries.

A visit to the Museum of Sacromonte allows you to experience traditional culture first-hand. Here, you can tour several of the historic caves and see how they were used as living quarters. You can see authentic furnishings, art works and traditional handicrafts as well as stroll through a botanic garden of local flora and fauna. You don’t want to miss a live performance of flamenco dancing here.

Granada’s nightlife scene is one of the best in Europe. In addition to numerous bars, nightclubs, jazz clubs and discos, you will also find a selection of dinner theaters and hotel choices offering lively events. What’s more, there are many venues featuring flamenco and zambra shows.

Just outside of the city in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains is Europe’s highest ski station, the Sierra Nevada Ski Station. With an ice rink and sledding equipment, this is a fantastic place for winter sports. In the summer, you can come here to enjoy hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, horse riding and cable car rides.

Summers in Granada are long, dry and hot while winters are short but cold with some rainfall. Spring and fall can be chilly with occasional rain.

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