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Macon, GA

Macon:  The Heart of Georgia
If your ideal travel destination means a city rich in history, you must absolutely come to Macon, Georgia. With a history dating back more than a thousand years, Macon offers an abundance of fascinating sites as well as sports and recreational choices.

Historical Attractions
Boasting 11 historic districts, Macon is a history buff’s paradise. Though it would take a book to write about all of Macon’s historic attractions, some of the most significant sites include Fort Hawkins, Ocmulgee National Monument, Rose Hill Cemetery and Hay House.

Established in 1806 as a trading post with the Creek Indian Nation by President Thomas Jefferson and Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Benjamin Hawkins, Fort Hawkins offers a wealth of historic information and thousands of artifacts from both Native American and European settlements.

Situated downtown Macon, the Ocmulgee National Monument marks a 1,300 year old site once held sacred to the Creek Indians. Today, you can visit the monument to learn about the ancient Mississippian culture that built the site and see several earthwork mounds such as a spiral mound, burial mounds and temple mounds as well as a recreated earthen lodge.

One of the oldest cemeteries in Macon, Rose Hill Cemetery covers 80 acres and contains the final resting places of 600 Civil War soldiers, United States governors and senators as well as the members of the musical group, the Allman Brothers Band.

Built in the mid-1800s, the Hay House is a magnificent example of Italian Renaissance Revival. This impressive mansion of 18,000 square feet showcases stunning furnishings of marble fireplaces, gold leafing, stained glass and an elaborate music room.

Performing Arts
If you want to enjoy a live performance while in Macon, you will be spoiled for choice. Formerly included in a chain of theaters dedicated to African Americans, the Douglass Theater today is a completely renovated venue that features state-of-the-art equipment and presents both films and live performances.

Formerly known as the Academy of Music, the Grand Opera House is a historic venue belonging to Mercer University. Having hosted many famous entertainers like Ray Charles, Will Rogers, George Burns and the Allman Brothers Band, the Grand Opera House today serves as home to the Macon Symphony Orchestra and presents various concerts and productions.

Smiley’s Flea Market
If your visit to Macon is on the weekend, be sure to browse around Smiley’s Flea Market, one of the largest of its kind in the area. With hundreds of vendors selling a little of everything from crafts to timeless treasures, you are bound to find a bargain or two.

Sports and Recreation
For sports and recreation in Macon, visitors will want to head out to the Macon Coliseum, a huge arena that serves as home to the American Indoor Football team, Macon Steel. Besides football, you can also catch ice hockey games here as well as other events like concerts and conventions.

Golfers will enjoy their choice of scenic golf courses at the Oakview Golf and Country Club or the Little Ocmulgee’s Wallace Adams Golf Course.

The Ocmulgee Heritage Trail is a popular greenway trail where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy walking, biking and wildlife viewing. As a plus, several of Macon’s historic attractions can be accessed from the trail.

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