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Santa Rosa

So you’re contemplating a vacation to Santa Rosa, California. The place where wine and farm country interwine with redwood forests, rivers, lakes and oceans. Let us compare all the available Santa Rosa hotel deals so you don’t have to fret about saving money. Your time and money should be spent planning fun activities for your family trip–so sit back, relax, and read about the many opportunities while we find you the cheapest hotel deal in Santa Rosa.

In the city of Santa Rosa, you’ll find all the attributes you love about California: charm, intrigue and delight.  Whether you’re into adventurous safaris, relaxing spas, golf or gardens, you’ll find all that and more in beautiful Santa Rosa. It’s the right spot for a vacation that has it all.

Famous chefs come from all over to experience the magic of Santa Rosa. With the vineyards, abundant local produce, dairy and meat, the restaurant business is thriving. Enjoy a glass of wine from one of the several vineyards in Santa Rosa. It will complement a delicious dinner at the end of a warm, fun-filled day. Santa Rosa is home to several renowned restaurants with every imaginable type of food. You will not be disappointed with the wine and cuisine options.

For the outdoorsy family, Santa Rosa offers a number of exciting activities. Check out Getaway Adventures to set up bike and kayak tours through the beautiful Wine Country. Take notice of the wildlife at Safari West–an African wildlife preserve and tent located in Santa Rosa. It’s the closest you will get to Africa without a passport! The whole family will appreciate the zebras, cheetahs, giraffes and more.

Any “Peanuts” fans out there? Devotees will love the Charles M. Schulz Museum that memorializes the work of the gifted cartoonist who made Santa Rosa his adopted hometown. The museum features an early mural of Charlie Brown and Snoopy along with much, much more. See how Snoopy changed over the years and check out Schulz’s actual work studio. It’s an unforgettable experience for any comic fan.

So we’ve covered museums, nature, good food and fun. Wondering what else Santa Rosa has to offer? The arts and culture programming for the city of Santa Rosa features many opportunities for visitors, artists and community member alike. There are art receptions, musical performances, theatrical events and festivals to attend. Santa Rosa is an artsy place with public sculptures located all over the city.

With shopping, golf, art, famous chefs and an inviting atmosphere, a Santa Rosa vacation makes for an ideal getaway. You’re just one click away from finding the best hotel deals in Santa Rosa. Accommodations are covered and now you have a quick overview of just some of the possibilities for fun. Santa Rosa hotel deals, check! An adventurous agenda, check! You’re ready to pack your bags.