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Shanghai is a popular tourist destination because of its renowned historical landmarks. It’s also the largest city in China, which can make finding accommodations complicated. Use our services if you plan on visiting Shanghai. We’ll take the stress out of planning your trip by comparing the best Shanghai hotel deals. With all there is to do in this wondrous city, don’t waste time searching for hotel deals in Shanghai; let us do that part for you.

One spot you must see during your trip to Shanghai is The Bund. It’s an area of Huangpu District in central Shanghai that runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River. With all the historical landmarks and old buildings, there’s something to peak everyone’s interest. The types of architecture featured include Romanesque, Gothic, renaissance and art deco.

The City God Temple of Shanghai forms the core of the old city of Shanghai. This large temple complex houses over a hundred stores and shops and connects to another landmark of the old city: the Yuyuan Garden.

The Yuyuan Garden is known as one of the most lavish and finest Chinese gardens, not only in Shanghai, but in the region.

Another must-see in Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl Tower. This TV tower can be seen on the opposite side of the Huangpu River. Check out the views of Shanghai from one of the 15 observatory levels inside the tower. There is also a revolving restaurant on the 876-foot level.

If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of this beautiful city, check out one of the several Shanghai museums. The Shanghai Museum of Art and History has one of the best collections of Chinese historical artifacts in the world. The Shanghai Natural History Museum is a large scale museum with a variety of smaller, specialist museums inside.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life by visiting one of the serene parks in Shanghai. Zhongshan Gongyuan in Downtown Shanghai is famous for its monument of Chopin, the tallest statue dedicated to the composer in the world.

Try out some unique Shanghai cuisine during your vacation. It’s epitomized by the use of alcohol and also uses fish, eel, crab and chicken. There are many restaurants around town where you can try it out.

With stunning sights and views along with good food and entertainment, there’s nothing the city of Shanghai doesn’t offer. Now that you know where to find the best Shanghai hotel deals, you can start booking your trip today! Hotel deals in Shanghai are taken care of.