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Sunnyvale has a name that says it all. Make Sunnyvale your next vacation destination and come see what all the hype is about. Now that you’ve found the right site for the best Sunnyvale hotel deals, booking the rest of your trip will be a walk in the park. By letting us compare hotel deals in Sunnyvale, you’re sure to lock in the best prices.

 Speaking of walks in parks, while you’re in Sunnyvale, make a stop at one of the 20 gorgeous parks. Raynor Park features a ballpark, playing field, picnic area and roller skating rink. Ponderosa Park in Sunnyvale offers a sand volleyball court, tennis and basketball. You’re on vacation; make it point to get in as much relaxing as possible in the beautiful city of Sunnyvale.

For those who love learning, the Sunnyvale Historical Museum is a free local history museum with a lot to offer. Sunnyvale has a rich technological, canning and agricultural past. The Orchard Heritage Park Interpretive Exhibit held at the Sunnyvale Community Center is open all daylight hours. It’s an agricultural history museum featuring (what else) farm equipment! The outdoor facility is open to the public for guide-free tours. The whole family will enjoy learning about Sunnyvale: with its thriving past, present and future.

The Sunnyvale Library features many exciting city-sponsored events, nonprofit events and non city-sponsored events. Sunnyvale, with its diverse residents and visitors, features a variety of dance performances, including Tibetan dances. Stop at the Sunnyvale Library for a Shakespeare read-along, art and wine festival, origami workshops and so much more. Visiting the library is a good way to learn about Sunnyvale’s culture and mingle with its diverse people.

Go listen to the free concerts at Ortega Park featuring the Sunnyvale Serenaders.

From concerts to parks and history, Sunnyvale is a lush city with plenty to do. By taking advantage of the Sunnyvale hotel deals you find here, you’ll come away feeling accomplished. Let us do the hard work by finding you the best accommodations so you can relax. Hotel deals in Sunnyvale are just a click away.