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Top Romantic Hotels in St. Louis

Normally, when one thinks of the perfect place to get away for a romantic vacation, they usually think of the soothing sound of ocean waves or a quiet retreat deep within the mountains, not right in the middle of a big city. However, St. Louis is a city that offers a cozy and romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one to spend an unforgettable romantic vacation. Sure, the night life is quite exciting, but that’s not what you were really looking for when you decided to come to a romantic place like St. Louis. A quiet location for you to spend time with your beloved is exactly what will make this the perfect romantic getaway, and you’ll find this at the Cheshire Lodge, nestled right in the heart of St. Louis.

When you first stumble upon this quaint little hotel, you may not realize that the hotel boasts romance, judging from the outside appearance. Although it is attractive in appearance, it just may not give you the immediate feel of a romantic hideaway. All of your preconceived notions are thrown out the window once you step inside the lobby. You may even feel as though you have been transformed into a new world. The decorations boast romance with old English style and a charming appearance.

The Cheshire has been operated as a family business for the past forty years, and as you will see, has a lot to offer in terms of romance. Once inside the lobby, you’ll be surrounded by lovely antiques and timely decor making it hard to not feel that you’ve been transported to a remote English location.

Adding to the charm of this unique hotel, each room is decorated beautifully adding to the overall feel of romance you’ll feel while in the hotel. Each room is fully equipped with a comfortable king-size bed, nestled in the middle of luxurious furnishings, and the walls are well-insulated to ensure privacy and quiet during your stay. You’ll find that your room is quite clean and the service is first class.

Among the many guest rooms, there are six specially designed themed rooms that will make your romantic getaway even more perfect. The beautiful fantasy rooms boast two room suites, and each carry a different theme. Below is an overview of what each themed room will offer.

The Raj

Imagine being whisked away to India where you’ll be treated like a royal Indian prince and princess. As you enter the room, you are greeted with red carpet that leads directly to the raised king bed. To add to the romance, there is a heart-shaped jacuzzi where you can relax in luxury with your loved one. You may even find yourselves playing make believe in lieu of the royal throne that will carry you away in the moment.

Ultimate Bathe

This suite boasts the elaborate luxury that the hotel is known for along with a specially-lit jacuzzi for two, and enhances the already present romantic atmosphere. The room is also buy cialis online in usa dimly lit with gold studs, giving off the sensation of romance. Finishing off this suite is a king canopy bed, designed especially for lovers who want to get away from the pressures of everyday life.

Treehouse at Sherwood Forest

Finding a remote destination deep within the forest is as romantic as it gets, and you’ll get that when you stay in the Treehouse at Sherwood Forest. The Cheshire has designed this room to give you the distinct feeling of living in the times of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Along with the other suites in the hotel, this suite is equipped with a jacuzzi, mirrors, and a sheltering of forest trees wrapping you and your loved one up in the moment.

Captain’s Quarters

You’ll feel like you really are on a ship when you step inside this nautical-themed suite. Surrounding the room, you’ll find decor featuring life in the sea, and other decorations that you would typically find on a ship. It also has a jacuzzi and gas fireplace, the only room in the hotel with a fireplace.

Safari Rainforest

When you step foot into the Safari room, you’ll wonder if you really did travel to St. Louis or to Africa. The feeling is fully tangible. Complete with a king-sized bed and a jacuzzi, you’ll be hidden among the rainforest, surrounded by vines and greens. This is a suite that you’ll really feel secluded and private in while you enjoy a night’s stay in the rainforest.

When you arrive at the Cheshire you’ll be given a complimentary bottle of Champagne and treated to the utmost service. Because of the unique experience that you will receive when you visit the hotel, you will need to book your room well in advance. Rooms fill up quite quickly, so plan your special getaway with plenty of time to spare. Of couse, since you are getting more with the fantasy rooms, they will cost a bit more.

If you opt to stay in one of the regular rooms, you will still be getting a great room for a great price. These rooms still offer the romance you are seeking for your wonderful vacation.

Along with the hotel’s old English feeling, you will find a tavern, the Fox and Hound Inn which emits a feeling of being in merry old England. This is a great place to get a late-night drink or to sit and absorb the romantic environment with a bite to eat.

Another great highlight to this romantic getaway is the enclosed pool inside the atrium, which is open year-round. Although, if you are visiting during the winter months, take note that the pool area may be a little bit cooler than normal, but still fun to take advantage of.

As you are planning your romantic getaway, consider coming here to St. Louis and staying at the Cheshire Lodge. You won’t regret your decision to stay at this romantic place to rekindle your love for each other.