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White sandy beaches, mysterious caves, historical attractions and water sports. If these are things you look for in a vacation, then Varadero is the place for you. Varadero is a popular resort town that gets plenty of visitors; that’s why finding hotel deals in Varadero can be difficult. Well, not anymore. We’re here to make finding accommodations easier for you. We’ll compare all the best Varadero hotel deals so you can relax and start planning the fun stuff. Speaking of fun, read on for some ideas of ways to kick start your sunny vacation in Varadero.

No visit to Varadero would be complete without a day at the beach. Lie on the sandy white beach and swim in the crystal clear water during your stay in Varadero. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Varadero’s free port which features facilities of scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and many more water sports.

Once you’ve had your beach fix, go exploring around Varadero and check out some of its natural attractions. From caves to a chain of virgin cays, there is always something to see.

Near Varadero, you’ll find many cultural and historical attractions in the cities of Matanzas and Cardenas.

Check out Barracuda Diving Center for a chance to reed, wall, night, cave or blue hole dive. The area also boasts a small shop, bar and nice restaurant for relaxing.

Learn more about Varadero by taking a tour. There are many types of tours offered from history day tours to Cuban art tours. No matter your interests, age or background, any of these Varadero tours are going to be a hit.

Catamaran is a must while you’re visiting Varadero. Board the boat and enjoy music and dancing while on your way to the reef. Then take some time out to snorkel around. Head over to the playful dolphins and get some professional pictures.

Try a Cuban cigar at one of the shops on the main street in Varadero.

This paradise has something for everyone. And now that you’ve found access to the best Varadero hotel deals, planning the rest of your trip will be as easy as pie. Hotel deals in Varadero are just a click away. Start organizing your agenda today!