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Looking for a coastal vacation spot in a city with rich cultural values, fascinating history and plenty to do? Look no further than Xiamen, China–a place famous for being an ancestral home to overseas Chinese. This clean and entertaining city is great for tourists to browse, relax and learn a thing or two. Now that you know where to go to find the best Xiamen hotel deals, planning the rest of your trip is all that’s left to do. Read on for some ideas to put on your vacation agenda. Hotel deals in Xiamen are right around the corner.

Xiamen and the surrounding countryside are known for their spectacular scenery and pleasant beaches. Make a stop at Xiamen’s Botanical Garden for look into a nature lover’s haven.

The Buddhist Nanputuo Temple is a famous temple found in Xiamen. When you go check it out, you’ll get to see its amazing views and learn about the role it has played in the history of Xiamen.

Another hot spot in Xiamen  is the view of Kinmen island. Xiamen is famous for its history as a frontline during the war with Kinmen 50 years ago.

Once you’ve had your fair share of historical tourist sites, let loose and check out some of the amazing shopping in Xiamen. Xiamen is home to a variety of department stores and night markets. Get something for your friends back home or a trinket to remind you of your stay in Xiamen.

The main commercial street in Xiamen is called Zhongshan Lu and includes many traditional shop houses with the latest fashions.

Check out some of the astounding European architecture when you take the ferry from Xiamen downtown to the opposite island of Gulangyu.

Check out the famous Jimei University during your stay in Xiamen. It was built from funds of poor Fujianese who spent their fortune abroad and those who turned rags to riches.

Visitors of Xiamen will see breathtaking panoramic views of the harbor from the top of Huli Fort. Xiamen was one of the few ports opened to Europeans by the Qing Dynasty after the defeat of the Opium War. This Xiamen tourist site is a must-see.

From peaceful walks through gardens and beaches to exciting temples and forts, there is something for everyone in Xiamen. You’ve come to the right place for help finding the best Xiamen hotel deals; now, all you have to do it book your vacation. With hotel deals in Xiamen just a click away, booking your getaway has never been easier.