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Traveling Solo

Taking a vacation is a great way to truly relax and unwind. Many people choose to go with family, friends, on business, or alone. The new trend in traveling today is taking a vacation solo. This gives someone the opportunity … Read More

Travel Tips While Cruising

These days, taking a cruise is truly the only way to travel in complete relaxation and luxury. However, even though you may end up with a great trip, it does take considerable planning to actually make it happen. Cruise lines … Read More

Planning for an Extended, Around-The-World Trip

What an adventure it would be to travel around the world, but also what a headache in preparing for it. Many of us might be extreme and print off every piece of information that we can from the internet and … Read More

Cruise Etiquette Tips

Going on a cruise, for some of us, is just what the doctor ordered. It is a time to rejuvenate ourselves and indulge in some rest and relaxation. How wonderful it would be to cruise the Hawaiian islands, Mexico, or … Read More

Healthy Traveling

When traveling these days, people are becoming ever more cautious about staying healthy during their trip. Whether it is finding ways to combat the common cold, doing what you can to fight germs, or increasing your awareness of the swine … Read More

Travel Safety Tips for the Savvy Woman Traveler

Women and men travel to places everyday, there really is no difference in their experience, except that women need to look out for their safety a little bit more than men. It is a statistical fact that women, in most … Read More

International Air Travel Rules

As each new day begins, numerous individuals, couples, and families prepare themselves for travel, usually by way of an airplane. Out of these people, a very large number of these travelers are traveling to international destinations. Over the past decade or so international … Read More

Be Prepared to Travel Overseas

Taking a trip to a far away destination can be a thrilling experience, one that you might look forward to for months before. You will have the opportunity to be exposed to new cultures, climates, and ways of life, all … Read More

Keeping Your Cool While Traveling

It seems as though a person can plan and plan for a perfect trip, and somewhere along the way a mini disaster arises. Whether it be lost keys, trouble with the rental car, or lost luggage. The key to keeping … Read More

How To Deal With Lost Luggage

Here’s the scenarios: You’re standing at the baggage carousel waiting for your bags to appear out of the endless black hole onto the conveyor belt. At first, there’s a steady flow of bags coming down the conveyor belt, but soon … Read More