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Cannes, France

Experience the Glamor of Cannes, France Located on the French Riviera in southeastern France, Cannes is best known as host of the world famous Cannes Film Festival. Every May, Cannes is flooded with celebrities and movies stars as they walk … Read More

Lubeck, Germany

Fall in Love with Lubeck, Germany Germany offers many popular travel destinations, and the charming city of Lubeck is definitely one of them. A Baltic seaport in northern Germany, Lubeck was the first German city to sustain damage from World … Read More

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver: Canada’s Natural Playground Located in British Columbia between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, Vancouver is an excellent travel destination offering spectacular landscapes, outdoor recreation, fabulous markets and a vibrant arts and culture scene. Stanley Park No trip … Read More

Calgary, Alberta

Family Fun and Festivals in Calgary, Alberta Best known for its famous rodeo event and former oil industry, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. If you are looking for an ideal travel destination in Canada, Calgary offers a wealth … Read More

Thessalonica, Greece

History, Culture and Nightlife in Thessalonica Looking for that perfect travel destination that offers fantastic attractions, dynamic shopping, vibrant culture and a sizzling nightlife? Look no further than Thessalonica, Greece. Located on the shores of the Thermaic Gulf, Thessalonica is … Read More

Bilbao, Spain

Discover the Hidden Gem of Bilbao, Spain If you love hidden gems, you will love Bilbao. Located in northern Spain, this old seaport city offers a blend of historic and modern surprises, making it an ideal travel destination. From world famous museums … Read More

Toledo, Spain

Toledo: An Authentic Spanish City If you want to visit a truly authentic Spanish city, travel to Toledo. Located in Central Spain, Toledo served as the country’s capital for many centuries while under the rule of various empires. As a … Read More

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg: Where France and Germany Kiss If you want to experience two European countries at the same time, travel to Strasbourg, France. The capital city of the Alsace region in eastern France, Strasbourg is situated directly on the border of … Read More

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Play in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Looking for a great travel destination in Mexico with fabulous beaches, modern attractions and buzzing nightlife without all the crowds and chaos of resort cities like Cancun and Acapulco? Puerto Vallarta is your solution. Located … Read More

Leipzig, Germany

Live it up in Leipzig, Germany If classical music, historic sites, lively festivals and German Christmas markets appeal to you, Leipzig should be your next travel destination. Located in eastern Germany, Leipzig is the major industrial and cultural center of … Read More