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Toledo, Spain

Toledo: An Authentic Spanish City

If you want to visit a truly authentic Spanish city, travel to Toledo. Located in Central Spain, Toledo served as the country’s capital for many centuries while under the rule of various empires. As a result, the city’s wealth of historic architecture, artistic works and lively nightlife all make Toledo a popular tourist destination.

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Get Lost

The best way to experience Toledo is to simply get lost in it. Wandering aimlessly through the medieval streets allows you to marvel the old Spanish architecture while the central marketplace, Zocodover Plaza, is a great place to relax while people-watching. You will find a number of charming cafes, bars and bakeries in the city center where you can sample local specialties like tasty tapas, manchego cheese and mazapán.


Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz. Toledo


Must-see Landmarks

Toledo is known for its treasure trove of historic landmarks. The beautiful Cathedral is the star attraction with its awe-inspiring altar and impressive collection of art works. Built a millennium ago, the Mezquita Cristo de la Luz is a sight to behold as well with its Moorish design and lovely paintings.

You don’t want to miss the Alcazar. Just on the outskirts of the city, this magnificent fortress dates back to Roman times and houses the Army Museum.

Other significant structures include Europe’s oldest synagogue, the Santa María la Blanca, and the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes, which was built for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Conquistador Swords and Other Souvenirs

For centuries, Toledo’s sword-making has been prized in addition to its ceramics and damascene crafts. Glazed ceramics, Conquistador swords, daggers, letter-openers and exquisitely decorated metals and jewelry are all ideal souvenirs that you may find a bargain on among the various craft shops in Toledo. Many of the proprietors will even arrange to ship your swords for you since you can’t take them on planes.

Arts and Culture

Toledo is noted for its many beautiful art works, and you will find a variety of museums and art galleries here. Be sure to visit the historic cathedral and mosque as well because they house fantastic collections of art works from masters like Titian, Ralphael and Goya. What’s more, the city was once the home of the great painter, El Greco, and you will find many of his famous works on display in a number of Toledo’s landmarks and churches.

Toledo is host to several annual festivals such as Easter Holy Week and Corpus Christi. However, every night you can experience the city’s culture in its lively bars, clubs and dance halls.

Sports and Outdoor Recreation

If you are looking for sports and outdoor recreation while visiting Toledo, the city’s former military center offers a complex of athletic tracks, swimming pools, outdoor/indoor courts, gyms and more. You may also be able to watch matches played by the local sports teams, which include football, handball and basketball.


Toledo experiences a Mediterranean climate where winters are mild and summers are hot and dry. Although low, precipitation is mainly distributed in winter and spring. Toledo offers a good selection of hotel accommodations, and we can help find you the best deals today.