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Just south of the Yellow Sea and east of the Bohai Sea lies the magical city of Dalian. If you’re planning a trip to Northeast anytime soon, let us help you find the best Dalian hotel deals. With a large city like Dalian, there are always hundreds of options for accommodations. Sorting through all of that can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We’ll compare all the hotel deals in Dalian so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget.

Great hotel deals are just the tip of the iceberg in Dalian. Read on to see all this city has to offer.

Because of the historical landmarks, sights, mild climate and many beaches, Dalian is a popular destination among Chinese tourists and foreign visitors. With all there is to do in the area, you’ll find yourself enthralled. Start your visit off right by visiting one of the famous beaches. Tiger Beach and Jinshitan are just a few of the beaches you can frolic. Take in the sun and the culture around you.

Make a stop at Dalian Zhongshan Park and see 102,000 square meters of land that was established to commemorate Prince Shotoku.

Get a taste if adventure during your stay in Dalian by checking out Dahei Mountain. It is the highest mountain in the southern Liaodong Peninsula and it offers amazing views and hiking opportunities.

The Jinzhou District of Dalian features a beautiful sightseeing area called Jinshitan. Here, you’ll find the Golden Pebble Beach with breathtaking coves and rock formations all around. There is also a golf course, theme park, game forest and cross country motorcycling.

Learn more about Dalian and its history by visiting the Lushun Museum in the Lushunkou District of Dalian.

The three northern cities of Greater Dalian offer Anbo Hotspring and Ski Course, Zhangxing Island International Golf Course and Binyugou Scenic Area.

Sports play a large role in the local culture of Dalian. Check out a professional football league during your stay. It’s a good chance to mingle with Dalian locals.

From city-wide festivals with fireworks to places like the Dalian Forest Zoo, Dalian city offers something for everyone. This rich city is filled with plenty to keep you and your group busy. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, independently or in a large group, we’re sure we can help you find the best Dalian hotel deals. With all the options, you don’t want to waste your time searching. We’ll do the searching and you do the choosing. Hotel deals in Dalian are now right at your fingertips.