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Considering a visit to China? Don’t forget to explore the city of Kunming, also known as the “City of Eternal Spring.” The temperate climate isn’t the only thing this city has going for it. Kunming is home to several galleries, cultural institutions, important landmarks and historical sites. It’s the ideal place for the vacation of a lifetime. Keep in mind, though, that searching for hotel deals in Kunming isn’t always a cake walk. With all the options for accommodations in a big, southwestern city in China, finding the best Kunming hotel deals proves to be quite the task. That’s what we’re here for. With the click of a button you’ll see all the available hotel deals in Kunming, just waiting for you to book.

Speaking of making things easier, once you’ve booked your hotel accommodations, check out the amazing city of Kunming by tour. This region of China is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, enchanting views and magical mountains. From private guided tours to large group visits, Kunming offers tourists options so you can see the city the way you want to.

The city of Kunming offers three major squares and five major streets. Imagine the exploring you’ll do. Stroll the city and check out the old, traditional Chinese architecture of buildings that date back to the Ming and Tang dynasties.

Nancheng Qingzhen Si is Kunming’s new mosque and it features a gorgeous green dome and chevron pattern. It’s one of the many must-sees of this amazing city.

Visit one of the bizarre spots of Kunming, Jingxing Jie, and see a huge bird and flower market, ancient pond and potted palms.

Learn more about Kunming’s history by visiting the Kunming City Museum and the Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology. The latter features a trio of dino skeletons on the first floor–they roamed the area over 200 million years ago.

Winding paths, hanging willows and serene pools cover the Cuihu Park area–the ideal Kunming hot spot for a relaxing picnic.

With all there is to see and do in this wondrous city, who wants to waste their time searching for Kunming hotel deals? With the swift click of a button, hotel deals in Kunming will appear before you, then poof: you’re done. So pack your bags and prepare for the trip of a lifetime. With hotel deals this good, there’s no reason to put off your Kunming trip anymore.