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Willemstad, Curaco

Immerse Yourself in the Color of Willemstad, Curaco

If you want to visit one of the world’s most colorful cities, then travel to Willemstad, Curaco. This beautiful Caribbean city may be characterized by its multi-colored colonial buildings, but it also offers vibrant attractions, culture, nightlife and outdoor fun.

Handelskade, Willemstad, Curaçao
Main Attractions
Curaco’s most photographed site, the Handelskade, is why so many tourists travel to Willemstad. This stunning waterfront street is where you can walk along and admire its Dutch-style buildings all arrayed in multi-colored pastels. However, you can do much more here than just gaze at these gorgeous buildings. You can also spend the day patronizing the charming boutiques, art galleries and cafes that are housed within them.

Connecting the city’s many waterways, the bridges of Willemstad are a must-see. Named for regal queens, the bridges include the Queen Emma Bridge, which connects the city’s two main districts, Punda and Otroanda. Restored with lovely wooden features and bright lights, this beautiful bridge is often called the “Swinging Old Lady” because of the way it swings open to allow for ship passage.

As the highest bridge in the Caribbean, the Queen Juliana Bridge also ranks as one of the highest in the world. Situated on the St. Anna Bay, this four-lane bridge is popular for its incredible views of the city and ocean

Constructed to create a link from the residential neighborhoods to the city’s commercial district, the Queen Wilhelmina Bridge also serves as a gateway to Willemstad’s attractive hotel accommodations and world-class beaches.

Another of Willemstad’s vivid attractions is its Floating Market. Along the city’s canal, you will find numerous vendors all displaying a wide range of colorful fruits, vegetables, flowers, art works and handicrafts from their boats. All you have to do is stroll along the busy sidewalk that flanks the canal and browse the contents of each boat. Even if you don’t find a bargain here, the experience itself is well worth the visit.

Heritage and Culture
At the Kura Hulanda Museum, you can learn all about Curaco’s African heritage and culture. Located at the same harbor where ships once brought African slaves to trade with the Dutch, this first-rate museum features excellent exhibits and art works. Here, you can see the likes of musical instruments, toys, dolls, sculptures and wooden masks that are all derived from Africa.

Outdoor Activities
If you want to get out and enjoy the outdoors, Willemstad offers you plenty of exciting activities and adventures. With fantastic beaches like Jan Thiel Beach, you can swim, snorkel, dive, sea kayak and sunbathe. Additionally, there are operations in Willemstad that will take you on diving tours and excursions where you can swim with dolphins. You can also explore Willemstad’s Hato Caves, which feature ancient petroglyphs that date back 1,500 years ago.

The nightlife scene in Willemstad is as every bit as vibrant as the rest of the city. With a host of pubs, bars, discos and nightclubs in addition to casinos, you won’t have any problem finding an establishment that suits your taste and budget.

Like most of Curacao, Willemstad features a warm, tropical climate year-round with little variation in temperatures. If you want to visit during the dry season, travel here between January and September. Located outside of the hurricane belt, the city experiences most of its rainfall from October to December.

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